Martine Emmons

Transformational Coach


Master Coach, 2020
Advanced Neuro-Transformational Results Coach, 2019
Ignite Breakthrough Coach, 2016


Health Coach, 2014

Life is short.


Too short to live anything less than your best life.
Too short to NOT take action.


You have had a glimpse of what is out there waiting for you and no longer want to feel limited by your past. Holding onto the grief, shame, and guilt that has developed due to the trauma you have endured is no way to truly LIVE.

Everything you have conquered has happened for a REASON!

For a purpose.

But every personal development book, enlightening podcast, and healing event you’ve been to has left you feeling overwhelmed.
Unsure where to begin. Can you even do this?

Are you getting in over your head? You begin to question, maybe it just is not meant to be.

You wonder, does anyone have the life you dream of having after such intense trauma and loss?


“We can take these gifts wrapped in sandpaper and learn. 

Or … we can remain a victim and not live the lives we were meant to” 


Swimming to (and then through) the depths of our emotional ocean takes strength and courage!

It isn’t always easy and it is rarely comfortable.

Let me write you this permission slip … right here, right now.

You have permission to stand in your brilliance, to share your amazing essence with the world because the world needs you!  Your words matter!  You may not feel prepared, you may not know the first step but you CAN do this.


The breakthroughs, aha moments, and growth that comes from deep healing is beyond worth it.


One precious life.

This is what each of us have and it should be filled with intention, joy, and fun.  You already know that your pain is for a greater purpose.  You couldn’t have been through all that for THIS.




I will help you discover the profound strength of your soul.  Because let me tell you something — your strength is ALREADY THERE, you simply need someone to intuitively listen to what you are saying AND what you aren’t saying.  Someone who has done the deep dives, knows the way, and can guide you.  Someone who had already swam to the depths of the ocean in their own journey.


Let me tell you, I will fiercely advocate for you!  I know your biggest pain was your biggest preparation.  Even if you don’t believe it … yet.


One day shortly after being diagnosed with cancer, I woke up knowing in my soul that life is too short for regret.  My entire existence up until that moment had been spent living in fear.  Fear that, because of all my past guilt, regret, trauma, loss, and shame, my message would be diluted.  That I wasn’t worthy of helping other women because I believed I was barely able to help myself.  Can you believe that getting a diagnosis of CANCER helped to show me how truly wrong I was?


I know!  This moment when I should’ve been fighting to beat the big C I was UPLEVELING my calling – transformational coaching.  I regularly stand in awe of how the universe works for us.  (read more about my story here).


Your power, your passion, your exquisiteness is meant for more!


But you need to stop hiding.


Even if you are

  • Scared that the world will see your flaws … and then judge you for them
  • An introvert who simply prefers to make an impact behind the scenes
  • Afraid of failure and what others might think


I am your partner in re-writing your story.  It won’t be perfect, it was never meant to be.  The deep dives we do together will sometimes stir up things that you thought you had already dealt with.  I will ask you the questions that others wouldn’t even dare to ask.


Transformational change takes work, effort, and an open heart.


With a wise guide and advocate you can feel comfortable and CONFIDENT in your own skin.


I can help you learn to use the tools that you already have built in, and learn some new ones to deepen your healing.  To act with authority and be seen and heard for your true authentic self.  You’ll get community and support and someone who SEES you as you are, right now, train wreck and all.


This is not meant to be a solo journey.  I will help you work through the things that you can’t work through alone.

Transformation with Martine


Are you ready to quit navigating the choppy waters of emotional loss and trauma?
Ready to experience the calm and quiet seas where your soul gently moves through life with the confidence that nothing will topple your boat?



You can become unstuck.  It is time for you to move on to your new life.


Client Love

I was ‘matched’ to Martine’ as my coach through another transformational program that I was in and the match couldn’t be more perfect!  In the few sessions I’ve had with her so far she is helping me reach a part of me that I thought was locked away forever.  She’s an authentic, transparent and genuinely caring lady who helps you feel safe and at ease.  There’s no way that our coaching match was a coincidence!

– Linda

Martine has a really big heart and soulful eyes. You can tell how much she cares. She listens intently. She asks me pertinent questions that are so simple about my life, but that I had not occurred to ask myself. Martine got to the core of all my issues in about 16 minutes. She assigned me a task that will surely provide growth. I had been busted down to nothing. Lost everything. Now rebuilding. After talking with Martine she assured me that with focus I can soar to the top and inspire major change, not just “make ends meet,” but really have a productive life worth living. I believe her! I consider her a dear friend and we just met. That speaks volumes. I love her to pieces. I cannot wait to meet her in person to inspire change that really helps others. I only pray that I can give back to Martine what she gave to me — HOPE.”

– Nicole

“Martine is a very knowledgeable and compassionate coach. Her style is very gentle, and she really takes the time to understand what a person is going through. She has many tools that she uses with her clients to help them break negative patterns and understand how they have been stopping their progress in all the areas of their lives. The result of working with Martine is a greater ability to love and understand yourself, to set authentic goals that are aligned with your soul and your purpose, and to create workable paths to achieve those goals. “

– Moni Castaneda

“I had an amazing session with Martine last week. Martine creates such a warm and welcoming environment that you instantly feel at ease. She also has a wonderful knack for asking the right questions in a way that helps you to create your own common sense solutions to issues that seemed insurmountable alone. I felt so much freer after our session and motivated to take real action after months of feeling stuck in inertia. I would not hesitate to recommend booking a session with Martine.

– Kelley May

“Martine will challenge you!

The day after having a session with her, I was able to have greater clarity and certainty with decisions related to my recent career change and grief.
Martine is about the deep healing. You do not have to do it alone. She will get you there.  Martine is supportive and readily available.
I would highly recommend working with Martine. I found my purpose during my Transformation.
Book your session!
Thank you Martine. “

– Sampa

I can't wait to meet you!

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