Now, I’m a Transformation Coach for Women. Long ago, perhaps like you, I was an imaginative little girl with long hair and braids – carefree, playful, a little shy, yet utterly JOYFUL.

People gravitate to me, and I love people. I discovered that I love creating small adventures and imagining a life where I could help others in some way. This showed me that I draw close to people who are in pain or feel stuck. Even then, I knew I wanted to uplift and encourage, to hold their hands as they emerged from the darkness, into the light. I even dreamed of being a flight attendant, who could care for passengers while also embarking on marvelous adventures with them!

Perhaps, also like you, that little girl has experienced a series of events that no child should go through, but my love for human potential only grew stronger as I grappled with my own dark places.
From childhood abuse to the loss of loved ones, and later, to my own experience with cancer, I emerged from each challenge with an even deeper respect for humans.

Even now, as I’ve grown older I still love to talk to people, to hear their stories – how were they raised?


I savor my conversations with people from different countries and love hearing so many accents!! Finding the common ground among us – and creating a space where we could truly connect is something that I love.

Stronger Together Women Empowerment

Your Coach, Martiné

I am ready to help you know – as I do – that YOU too are worthy and significant.

As a Master Coach with years of experience helping women grow into their most whole selves, it is my life’s mission to help people like you, who have suffered trauma, loss, and adversity, to embrace the joy and adventure that your child self deserved. Together, we will reconnect you with purpose, passion, adventure, and ease!

It is my mission to have a deep understanding of the people I meet.

Through my healing process, I learned lessons that I love to share:

  • We are resilient beings, through and through.
  • Everything is for a season & nothing lasts forever.
  • I believe it is crucial to invest in the time to connect with others and to build a joyful life because not only do we not know how long we have, but “things” do not make us happy. The people we surround ourselves with make our lives meaningful.
  • I learned to love myself first. And I want you to learn to love YOU first, because once you love and respect your whole self, mind, and body, anything is possible.

I contribute to a regular blog on All Things Wellness website and you can get to know more about me here.

Finding the common ground among us is a love of mine – and creating a space where we could truly connect.

  • We can appreciate how amazing our bodies are. They are always teaching us, and our bodies have the answers we need if we take the time to tune in and listen.
  • There is nothing we can’t do if we keep going – if we believe in ourselves.
  • Sitting in discomfort is powerful.  This discomfort teaches me what my infinite wisdom is sharing with me.
  • I am really good at holding space … I listen and allow my clients to be HEARD.
  • Through sharing my experience and then teaching others how to move forward, I find that I also heal myself. It is an ongoing symbiotic journey that we take together.
  • Now, I know that I’m worthy of the life that I want to live. I’m worthy of the fulfillment of the desires that I have. It was and IS a whole new world for me!

Are you ready to experience the calm and quiet seas where your soul gently moves through life with the confidence that nothing will topple your boat?

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