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Transformational Coaching Services for Women

Transformation with Martine

Transformational Coaching Services for Women


​You have had a glimpse of what is out there waiting for you and no longer want to feel limited by your past. Holding onto the grief, shame, and guilt that has developed due to the trauma you have endured is no way to truly LIVE.

Everything you have conquered has happened for a REASON!
For a purpose.

Let Today be the day that you choose to change your outlook and take control of your life.

Let Today be the day that you re-write your story.


The choice is yours of course …

I know your struggles are real – I have been there. If you want to read my story, click here.
AND – I’m not telling you to get over it and move on, because it won’t happen overnight, but you CAN change your life.
I’m just telling you that you are at a crossroads and it’s time to pick a direction 🙂

You’re aware that SOMETHING is keeping you stuck, you just aren’t sure what it is. And you can’t break free from something you can’t identify.

You want the next level … to start the next chapter of your life.
But you want it in a way that feels totally supportive, loving, and motivating so you finally make the progress you’ve been dreaming of.

You want a new beginning.
You are aching to step outside of your comfort zone.
You want to connect to a deeper purpose.
You are ready to explore what it out there, just beyond your reach.
You have a desire to open your heart.
You yearn to accept yourself, all parts of you.

Even if you are:

  • Scared that the world will see your flaws … and then judge you for them
  • An introvert who simply prefers to make an impact behind the scenes
  • Afraid of failure and what others might think


I am your partner in re-writing your story. It won’t be perfect, it was never meant to be. The deep dives we do together will sometimes stir up things that you thought you had already dealt with. I will ask you the questions that others wouldn’t even dare to ask.

Transformational change takes work, effort, and an open heart.

With a wise guide and advocate you can feel comfortable and CONFIDENT in your own skin.

I can help you learn to use the tools that you already have built in, and learn some new ones to deepen your healing. To act with authority and be seen and heard for your true authentic self. You’ll get community and support and someone who SEES you as you are, right now, train wreck and all.


This is not meant to be a solo journey.

I will help you work through the things that you can’t work through alone.

Service Packages

My services are available in 3 month, 6 month, 9 month or 1 year packages. 

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