Getting booked as a TEDx speaker can be a lengthy and grueling process, so Martine is here to help! Her track record of successfully booking talks for her clients speaks for itself. Will you be next?

What Can Martine Do?

All talks are different and require a unique approach. Martine does all of the groundwork, including the hours of research needed to ensure you have what you need to apply and have the best shot at being accepted. The process is not a guarantee of being accepted. It will, however, save you the hours of time needed to put everything together properly. The hardest part of any talk is the application process and Martine takes on that load for you!

  • First, meet with you about your idea
  • Next, research applicable talks to fit your topic
  • Then, gather all information needed for your application (note each talk is different, with a different application process)
  • Finally, work with you to prepare all application requirements and walk you through the submission process

It may take more than one try or talk application, but we will work together on this until your application goes through!

I hired Martiné to help me fulfill a dream of speaking on a TEDx stage.  I wanted to book a talk, but didn’t understand the process and certainly didn’t want to do ALL THE WORK that goes into it.  Literally just a few weeks later, she helped me book THREE TALKS!!!  She did all the research, made connections, and essentially set the table for me to get the booking so much easier than had I done all the work myself.  In fact, I’m positive that without Martiné’s support, I still wouldn’t have spoken on a TEDx stage.  But now that I have 2 TEDx talks under my belt (Covid canceled one of them), so many more doors have opened for me, and many more people have heard my message.  It is such a good credibility piece and I’m sure Martiné will help you gain that credibility and share your message with a bigger audience as well.  I highly recommend her!

Sean Smith, 2-Time TEDx Speaker, Author, Coach Founder of Elite Success Systems Creator of Neuro-Transformational Coaching Method